Kitty Cure Scratching Strips

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Discover the Kitty Cure Cat Scratching Manicure Strips, your humane solution to cat claw maintenance. Abandon the stress of clippers and trimmers and allow your cat's instinct to scratch to wear down their claws naturally.

Our peel-and-stick strips are coated with aluminum oxide, eliminating odors and moisture retention, making them perfect for litter boxes or any preferred scratching spots. The non-toxic, durable glue ensures each litter cover swipes files down sharp claw edges.

Duller, well-maintained claws provide a safer environment for owners, guests, children, and pets and reduce furniture damage and personal injury, saving you vet or groomer costs.

The pack includes three pairs of customizable, washable, and waterproof strips in varying sizes.
Easy to install on a flat, clean surface, they can be anywhere your cat scratches.
Opt for Kitty Cure, your cat's natural path to safer, healthier claws.

Sizes: 14.5" x 5.5", 14.5" x 3", 12" x 3"

Package Size: 15" × 6"


Materials: Sand Paper