About us

We are a group of cat lovers.  Our mission is to suggest ways for people and cats to live together happily.  We can’t take care of all the cats in the world, but we want to help every one that we can.  So our idea is to share photos of cats, and tips on keeping them healthy, and anything else that helps people and cats live better together in today’s world.


Bingo (DOB  10-25-2013)  

Bingo profile

We adopted Bingo from the Long Beach SPCA Animal Shelter.  He’s a slightly chubby fellow whose signature move is a mean bite.  But he’s not much of a jumper, and quite slow, too.  He pretends to be tough, but the truth is that he’s rather cowardly. If something new is brought into the house he’s terrified, and stays away until he’s sure it’s safe.   He loves Pumpkin, but his love is unrequited.  With four cats in the house, Candy being the cutest one and Pumpkin in poor health, Bingo doesn’t get all the attention he wants, and that makes him jealous.  Bingo’s not big on brains, but quite the cartoon character.


Pumpkin (DOB 04-25-2014~04-13-2023)

Pumpkin profile

This kitten was adopted from a cat rescue group.  She’s an unusual female orange tabby, born with a tumor that left her with only one working lung.  Deemed to be too small and weak for surgery, at the age of four months she was given just two months to live.  Yet she has survived on nutritional supplements and love ever since.  About once a year she falls ill and spends the night in a veterinary hospital oxygen tent, but always recovers and comes home.  At the hospital they call her the “Miracle Cat.”   She puts most of her effort into eating, but her condition causes oxygen depletion, which affects her digestion, so she has trouble keeping food down.  Nonetheless, Pumpkin loves life.  Spoiled from birth, she is Queen of the House. If she does not get what she wants, she cries like a cicada - meemeemee - until she gets it.
Pumpkin embraced life with joy, brought us endless happiness, and peacefully journeyed to heaven on April 13, 2023. Throughout her life, she constantly inspired us with her unwavering zest for living. The lessons we learned from Pumpkin are immeasurable. Thank you, dear Pumpkin.

Gray (DOB Spring, 2016)

Gray profile

This fellow was just a local alley cat who used to come to the back door to beg for food.  One day he showed up covered in blood, with his tail broken by a dog’s bite.  We took him to the vet for surgery, and after he recovered, he adopted us.   Although his tail is now much shorter, he has the fluffiest coat in the family, and beautiful eyes.   Though he was originally a street cat, today he is the most typical house cat of all.  He’s not very smart, but he’s naturally funny and cute.


Candy (DOB Spring, 2016)


The street family that originally included Gray had six members, but today only Gray and Candy are left.  When Gray joined our family, Candy was left all alone, and so we took her in, too.  She must have had a bad experience with people; she just can’t get comfortable with them, and refuses to be touched.   But she gets along very well with the cats, and especially loves Bingo.  This girl has cute racoon eyes.  We hope she gets used to us soon!


 Panini (DOB  05-01-2023)  


 We welcomed a new feline family member, Panini. After the loss of Pumpkin, our family and Pumpkin's brothers and sisters all felt a deep sense of sadness. To honor Pumpkin's memory, we embarked on a search for an orange tabby girl reminiscent of our beloved Pumpkin. Thus, Panini came into our lives, like a quilt made from Pumpkin's sashes woven together.

Panini's journey to us is a unique one. She hails from Compton, a place often considered one of the most challenging areas in Los Angeles. A young woman living in Compton had put out an advertisement seeking a loving home for a kitten. After several exchanges, she decided to entrust Panini to our care.
Panini not only shares a striking resemblance to Pumpkin in appearance but also mirrors Pumpkin's endearing personality. In many ways, it feels like Pumpkin's spirit lives on in Panini, as if she were Pumpkin's reincarnation. We are immensely thankful to Pumpkin for bringing such an adorable and special cat like Panini into our home, filling our hearts with gratitude and warmth.

Corn (DOB November, 2020)  

Corn, now that’s a peculiar name! You might be wondering why her name is Corn, well it all started when she was mistaken as a boy. Named Prince Cornelius, nobody realized that "he" was actually a "she" until the first vet visit. So her name was changed to Princess Cornelia, but that’s a bit long to write out and say all the time, so now everyone refers to her as Corn. She was the runt of her litter and has always been small. She may be a little timid, skittish, and shy, but when she becomes comfortable with you, she will lay near you and knead biscuits. Her hobbies include laying in the sun, catching spiders, napping with Momma, and crying for Daddy to feed her. Even though she is smaller than her little brother Buddy, she will always come out of any hiding spot if she hears him crying to make sure that he is okay, and give him a loving cleaning.

Buddy (DOB October, 2022) 

Buddy was adopted from the SPCA when it was decided that Corn should have a sibling. He was very small and had trouble eating and gaining weight when he first came home. However, he became better after a visit to the vet. Who knew that he would grow up to be the big boy he is now! From the moment he came home, Buddy was sociable and surrounded by his new human family and friends. He was particularly attached to Daddy in the beginning, who spent the first night sleeping on the floor with him to make sure he wasn’t scared in his new home. He lives up to his namesake as whenever there are guests or someone new to meet, he isn’t shy and will quickly become their new buddy! He always wants to play and will always eat his sister's food if he gets a chance. Even though he is a big boy, he is very strong, and fast and will practically run up the wall to catch his toy!


Team members:

Honorary President: Pumpkin

CEO: Panini

Marketing Director:  Bingo

IT Specialist: Gray

Copywriter:  Candy

Admin: Claria


Shipping and Warehouse:  Blaze

Customer Service: Steeler


Buyer:  Ferrari